Northport Children's Braces

Northport Children’s Braces

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Many people are not aware of the benefits of pediatric braces, and they still wait until their child is around 12 to 14 before seeking an assessment of his or her teeth and jaw alignment. Here at Schindel Orthodontics, we want you to know that being proactive pays clear dividends, from less need for braces in adolescence, to better overall oral health, to possibly saving money in the long run.

When is the right time to bring your child in for an evaluation? This should be done by no later than age 7. On the other hand, if you observe any signs like teeth crowding, mouth breathing, problems with chewing, finger or thumb sucking, misplaced teeth, early loss of baby teeth or having them stay in too long, shifting jaws, clicking sounds in the jaws, or the teeth and jaws being out of proportion to the rest of the face, it’s definitely smart to consider our Northport children’s braces sooner rather than later. This is often referred to as interceptive orthodontics, or simply phase I treatment, which distinguishes it from phase II treatment, typically occurring in the teen years. Prompt care with our Northport children’s braces addresses concerns now, instead of waiting until they become worse later on. Phase II treatment may even turn out to be unnecessary. However, when your child does need it, the likelihood is that it won’t be as time-consuming or expensive thanks to the earlier care that was administered. In addition, our orthodontist is able to actively guide jaw development and make space for the teeth that have yet to grow in.

Our Northport children’s braces might be exactly that your child needs, so don’t wait to find out. Contact our office and let us book an appointment for the two of you to come in for an evaluation.

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