Orthodontist Near Northport

Orthodontist Near Northport

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Straight, well-positioned teeth are healthy teeth. And it’s why you should always choose a dedicated orthodontic practice. Here at the office of Schindel Orthodontics, we offer an impressive array of services that are designed to give you the great-looking smile that also supports your optimal oral wellness.

The foundation of all good oral care is a complete examination every six months, so be sure to come in for one. We also address dental emergencies for you, our valued patient. And when it comes to moving your teeth and jaws into a more ideal state of alignment, free of discomfort and other complications, you can count on our orthodontist near Northport for braces of all types. We don’t expect everyone to be the same, nor to have identical needs and preferences. For some, metal braces, the standard choice for so many years, is the best way to go. But because it is important to provide options, you can also benefit from clear ceramic braces or Invisalign. Both of those are more aesthetically pleasing. Ceramic is a good choice if you like the structure of metal braces and that type of appliance is most appropriate for your specific situation. Ceramic is a material that matches up near perfectly with your tooth color, making it less noticeable. Invisalign takes that a step further, by being made out of clear plastic so it does not appear that you’re wearing anything on your teeth. Our orthodontist near Northport can also assure you that Invisalign is more comfortable, and removable. And for kids as young as 7, take advantage of the proactive benefits of interceptive orthodontics.

Book an appointment to come in for a consultation for yourself or an evaluation for your child with our orthodontist near Northport. Just reach out to our office so that we can schedule a convenient time.

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